As a Brookview Finance Club Member, you have access to one of the best financial, real estate and entrepreneurial education systems available. We have financed thousands of deals and have invested our own capital alongside you for years. Your success is our success!

Brookview has seen just about every type of deal, borrower and market imaginable. Now more than ever, real estate investors must have a proven system in place to manage their investing. Yes, real estate investing is still one of the best roads to financial freedom. But you must first understand your numbers, know deal analysis “cold” and master certain fundamental financial and business principles. There are no exceptions. Allow us to share our knowledge with you. Join Today!

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  Educational and Interactive Webinars   check
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  Access to the News Center   check
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  Comprehensive BrookPro Investor™ Software     check
  Real Estate Success Planning     check
  Deal Review by our Deal Analytics Team     check
  Full Access to our Case Study Videos     check
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  Access to the Good, Bad & Ugly Training Center     check
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Let the Brookview Finance Club be your guide toward Financial Success. We invite you to learn more about some of the Club’s many benefits below.

On-line Power Learning Videos - Gold Level

On-line audio and video training is becoming increasingly popular. Even prestigious universities such as MIT, Harvard and Columbia are offering on-line power learning videos today. It is a very effective learning tool, especially if the curriculum is broken down into smaller manageable segments and available 24/7 like ours!

Our Gold Level on-line courses are designed for real estate entrepreneurs as an introduction to the process of generating income through real estate. While most of our Club Members are full Platinum Members, there are some who initially choose to start at the Gold Level. Gold Level on-line courses include contract buying, wholesaling, forming a business and building a team to name a few.

Your Own Custom Website Builder

Every real estate entrepreneur needs his/her own website. According to the National Board of Realtors, the majority of real estate transactions start with Internet research first. This is a powerful medium that allows you to get started quickly. Your business will look more professional. As a Club Member, you have access to a website builder which includes pre-programmed templates so you can create your own business website. Click here for more information.

Important Documents, Forms & Tools 

Our document center is filled with checklists, marketing samples, documents and other important forms and tools that we use every day in our business. It is a huge head start! For example, we have samples of proven marketing pieces to get the phone ringing, and a checklist so you know what to say and ask when a potential seller calls. We have guidelines for estimating repairs and forms for preparing budgets. There are also spreadsheets and tools to help you calculate cash flow, return on rehab, minimal acceptable profit, rehab costs and much more. It's all in our documents, forms and tools which have been used on thousands of successful deals!

List Properties on the National Wholesale Center

A national property database used by other investors is one of the most powerful assets a real estate entrepreneur can have. Our member-driven database allows you to sell, buy and assign more deals. Wholesalers, post your deals to the site and gain exposure to a network of rehab investors looking for properties. Retailers, you will have access to buying opportunities from wholesaler postings. More deals mean more profit for every Finance Club Member.

Educational and Interactive Webinars

Webinars are an easy way to keep motivated and involved while learning new techniques and approaches to real estate investing. Included in our webinar series will be interactive webinars, where you and other attendees get to ask questions. A big help! These webinars are educational in nature and are designed to complement our on-line courses.

Access to the Resource Center 

Our resource center gives you access to dozens of the very same resources Brookview has been using for years. Get access to Neighborhood Demographic Research, Value Estimation, Property Searches, Foreclosures, Local and National Governments, Legal Forms, Insurance, Market Updates and much more. Invaluable resources for today's real estate investor!

Access to the News Center 

We are in a rapidly changing economic environment. To be on top of your game, you must remain in-tune to the current events that could affect your investments. But who has the time? Our experts do. We stay current on industry events and send you the most important information so that you can stay up to date.

On-line Power Learning Videos - Platinum Level

Here's where the rubber meets the road. Our Platinum Level on-line power learning videos are designed to give every investor, whether beginner or experienced, the foundation they need in the various subjects of business and real estate success training.

Broken down into easily manageable 15 to 20 minute segments, the Platinum Level courses cover a broad spectrum of subjects for the real estate entrepreneur. There are courses on forming a business and building your team, as well as training on making offers and investing in foreclosures. We have courses on HUD properties and analyzing your market, plus education on understanding your financial condition to become "loan ready". There are courses on understanding short-sales, working with contractors, estimating repairs, handling negotiations and much more!

The Platinum Level curriculum is comprehensive and gives real estate entrepreneurs the solid foundation from which to grow and prosper. Our faculty is continually adding new courses and since the Brookview Finance Club is member-driven, your input is encouraged.

Comprehensive BrookPro Investor™ Software 

If you are serious about real estate investing, you need the proper tools for the job. Wait until you see what our comprehensive real estate software can do for organizing your business. Download leads from your website, create marketing campaigns and track what works. Analyze your deals, create repair budgets and make offers, all from your software. You can generate reports, manage your properties, track the accounting, and so much more! BrookPro Investor™ is a must have for any real estate investor. Talk to your Account Manager today about this comprehensive software. Click here for more information.

Real Estate Success Planning 

The most successful real estate entrepreneurs create an achievable plan based on their existing financial condition and the current market. As their financial situation and markets change, their plans are modified. Our experts will work with you to create your own success plan. Remember, "People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan".

Deal Review by our Deal Analytics Team

When you're faced with a critical decision, it's best to get a second opinion from experienced professionals who have your best interest at heart. Your Platinum Membership includes a free comprehensive deal review by our Deal Analytics Team. Imagine the comfort and confidence that you will gain when our experts review your potential deal alongside you. They may find mistakes that you overlooked which could have cost you thousands of dollars. They'll double-check your financial analysis. There is no substitute for your own work, but having a partner certainly helps.

Full Access to our Case Study Videos

Our case study video series is like walking step by step with our experts as they apply the strategies, techniques and skills that make them successful entrepreneurs. It's like you are right there with them. You see what they see, you hear what they hear and you learn how they make decisions and take action so that you can replicate it.

Real Estate Transactions from Beginning to Close in Today's Market. When it comes to completing a real estate transaction, there are many phases and many people involved. This video series will take you through those phases so that you can see a deal from beginning to end.

• Take the Virtual Bus Tour. Property renovation is often the most challenging aspect of any real estate deal. Each of our experts on this video series have rehabbed well over one hundred properties. Watch as their team takes you through both good and bad deals. Observe how they transform tired houses into demand-inducing properties.

* Being launched Summer 2011.

Discounts on Live Training Expos 

Our live expos will bring together some of the best investor sources in the country; the very companies that we have worked with throughout the years. These events will be excellent sources for networking and learning, and will also be events where business gets done.

Access to the Good, Bad & Ugly Training Center

The Good, Bad & Ugly Training Center is another Brookview first. Over the years, Brookview has seen thousands of borrowers and deals, in markets throughout the country. In this section, we have assembled real life examples from all aspects of a transaction, from applications, to deal submission, to appraisals and BPOs, to repairs and budgets, photos and so forth. We then took these examples and created a side-by-side analysis for you, so you can see what is good, what is bad and what is ugly. Yes, sometimes "ugly" is simply that. The idea is that you can see how things should be done, and what not to do. Remember, these were actual transactions submitted and sometimes financed.

Customized Proof of Funds Letters 

More and more today, sellers and their agents are requiring proof of funds letters before they will even show a property to a potential buyer. In addition, sellers are more inclined to accept offers from buyers who can prove they are financeable. As a Platinum Member, Brookview will review your financials to quickly determine if you are qualified under current lending criteria and, at no additional cost, provide proof of funds letters to you if you are qualified.

Access to Preferred Financing Sources

Over the years, we have seen lenders come and go. Throughout those years, we have developed relationships with the best sources for refinancing Brookview's rehab loans. So whether you are simply looking to refinance to lower your debt service before you sell, or want to refinance for a long-term hold, we will make available to you selected preferred refinancing sources.

Discounts on Interest Rates

Rehab loans have higher interest rates for a reason: they rely on the borrower's expertise in identifying and completing a successful rehab project. As a Platinum Member, we believe that through our training and the use of our tools and services, you will be better prepared than non-members. Therefore, we have lowered our interest rate to you after the successful completion of your second consecutive deal with us. This reduced interest rate will save you thousands of dollars. It's a reward you deserve for becoming a Platinum Club Member!